Card Instructions and Features

What an easy way to save! Tele-King Prepaid Phone Cards offer the best calling solutions from anywhere in USA. No bills, no hassles, no tracking your calls. Account balances can be checked at the beginning of each call. Just use it and when it's done, throw it away.


Step 1 From any touch tone phone, dial 1-800-635-5980 toll-free access number (or local number of your choice). At the prompt enter your 10 digits card number (PIN).

Step 2
You will be informed how much credit is in your account. (Minutes information prompt is also available after you dial the destination number).

Step 3
When prompted, enter the number you wish to call.
- For numbers outside the US or Canada, enter:
011 + country code + city code + phone number.
- For numbers within the US or Canada, enter:
1 + area code + phone number.

Step 4
To disconnect or make another call enter "##."

Step 5
To add credit to your account, hit Back button and purchase another card on this site.

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