terms and conditions

COMPANY ("Tele-King") hereby appoints AGENT on a non-exclusive basis as independent contractor to market and sell its services, subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement. Company may at any time, alter, discontinue or change all or any portion of the service(s) and change pricing offered under this agreement.

AGENTs shall, at their own expence, use the best efforts to market and promote COMPANY services. AGENTs shall offer said services to potential customers in a professional manner. AGENTs shall represent fairly and accurately the services and the charges for to potential customers.

AGENTs will receive residual commissions at the rate of 10% on the collected revenue for their customers usage. All commissions payable to AGENTs shall be paid on a monthly basis. No payments will be made for amounts under $20. These funds will accrue until the amount greater than $20 is due. COMPANY will withhold a processing fee of $3 from each commission check paid. AGENTs are not required to collect payments from customers, however, under the circumstances when some of your accounts are in default status, AGENTs should assist the company in collection of those funds. No commission paid on accounts sent to Collection.

AGENTs may sign up direct sub-agents (up to 99), assigning to them lesser commission rate, and COMPANY will be paying the override commission to AGENTs. The COMPANY will provide monthly statements for AGENTs' sub-agents along with the group commission payment for further distribution to downline.

COMPANY reserves the right, to terminate this agreement without notice with any agent who does not generate enough paying clients (3) to earn commission within 9 (nine) months of joining the COMPANY, or transmit unsolicited commercial email, or engages in improper usenet Newsgroup postings (spamming), or unauthorized switching (slamming) or in the event of fraudulent or deceptive conduct by Agent materially affecting performance under this Agreement or reputation of COMPANY.

In the event COMPANY shall be made or become a party to any suit, claim, or demand by any act or omission of AGENTs, AGENTs shall indemnify and save COMPANY, its shareholders, directors, officers, employees and agents harmless from and against any and all damages, expenses, claims, fines, penalties or losses, including reasonable attorneys’ fees. COMPANY shall have the right to set-off any such costs or expenses against commissions otherwise due to the agent.

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